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The procurement intelligence gateway to unleash up to 20% savings.

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The only BI solution for reconciling invoices with agreements

Unlock 20% savings with Koncile: Transform 90% of unstructured spend data from invoice lines to agreements and spreadsheets with our AI toolkit.


How to use Koncile?
What is the data extracted by Koncile?
Does Koncile work with my P2P solution or my invoicing software?
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How does Koncile help me with overbilling recovery?
How does Koncile ensure the security and protection of my data?

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Experience spend reporting with unprecedented accuracy

Struggle no more with unstructured spend data. Koncile AI captures and classifies every transaction for optimal visibility into contract compliance, price competitiveness, and risk management.

Control them all

Automatically review and cross-check each transaction against your supplier contracts and benchmark data. Say goodbye to hours of manual scrutiny.

Drive savings with actionable insights

Our insight dashboard provides detailed action plans to unlock savings opportunities. Access all the strategic data you need to accelerate supplier negotiations effectively.


Jules Ratier

Co-founder and CEO
HEC Paris and former lawyer

Tristan Thommen

Co-founder and CTO

Raphaël Balbous

Tech Lead

John Afaghpour

Founding engineer